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5 Top Tips to get your teams back on track - Client Service

Does your team reflect your brand and your values?

Do you deliver work for your client but it comes at a cost to you, both emotionally and financially?

Do your teams say yes to everything the client asks, because they don't know how to say no?

The relationship you build with your client is unique, it’s about knowing them, and their business, their strategic direction, their customer, their market.

You are not only seen as a trusted colleague, but as the expert in your field, and are there to guide them in making the right decisions which ultimately make them look good.

So why just say yes to a change (or 3) when you know it won’t work or veers from the brief?

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone, the appetite to please versus the ability to deliver, without putting a huge amount of strain on your team, is a common problem.

There’s always a competitor waiting in the wings that says they can deliver better quality, quicker and cheaper. Of course they can, until they work with the client

I can support you by training your teams in client service skills, giving them the confidence to say no to unrealistic deadlines by offering solutions, build resilience to challenge and negotiate and build relationships which bring mutual respect and loyalty.

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