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5 Top Tips to get your teams back on track - Do your managers manage?

How do you train your managers to manage people?

How do you support newly promoted managers that now have a ready made team?

Increased responsibility, keener deadlines, more meetings, less time and now they have to factor in a team of different personalities, at different stages of their careers, and potentially people that didn't get the job alongside people they have formed friendships with.

What do you look for when you open a job role that needs a team manager?

People will apply that have little, none or some experience. They may come with glowing references from their managers, but what would their team say?

Poor and unequipped managers have a huge impact on wellbeing, causing decreased productivity; high staff turnover; poor health; reduced morale; and ultimately putting your credibility on the line.

What do you have in place to safeguard your team?

How do they learn - from their poor manager 😬, trial and error, or thinking the best way to get their team on-side is to become a friend first 🥴. Do you have time to train your managers?

Blossom Training doesn't believe one size fits all with training that's why we use our own extensive client facing management experience alongside a coaching plan tailored for your individual managers that is relevant and effective. Saving you time, safeguarding your team and keeping your credibility in tact.

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