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5 Top Tips to get your teams back on track - progression planning

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Do you have progression planning in place for your teams?

Do you have appraisals once a year that are forgotten about as soon as the review is over?

What are your company objectives, do they match your teams?

After this trying time of no face to face time, self motivating at home, no work social scenes to bond and share successes and challenges what we all want and need right now is stability.

The best way to motivative individuals is to give them something to strive for - rewarding their loyalty through clear progression planning and demonstrating they have a future with you is key.

I can support by building a progression planner for your teams, aligning your objectives and their goals alongside challenges, key measures and timeframes that ensure opportunities to progress are equal and visible across all roles skill sets and behaviours.

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