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Are you inspiring the next generation?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Are you nurturing our future generation to ensure they will become the leaders and managers the next generation will want to aspire to?

"People leave their managers, not their jobs"

How many of these quotes do we read on a daily basis? I've known friends that have been subjected to bad management resulting in crisis of confidence, fear of getting things wrong and ultimately leaving jobs they once loved. But what happens to these managers? Some people speak out and some people listen and action, but most of the time the good people leave and the crap managers just employ another innocent victim. So what do you do, leave? Stay and hope they leave? Stay and become like them? The reason that people are still churning out these quotes is because bad managers are creating bad managers.

The shape of things to come?

Are these managers aware of their impact, is their emotional intelligence so low that they think ruling by fear makes them powerful? More importantly why do their managers let them get away with it? If they say it's because they deliver results, then results should work across the board, not just in terms of sales and profit, but in terms of leadership and teamwork.

Apprenticeships are seeing an increase (+32% 2017/18 v 2016/17 - source: Which?) that's 48,000 young, ambitious school leavers who are still in the process of mapping their future and really figuring out who they are as a person and who will potentially be put in front of a time poor, low emotional intelligent manager to mould and shape the first steps of their career, I mean if it's working for them and they're getting the senior job, the money and the car it must be right, right? Obviously not all managers are bad but unfortunately we all know one and that's one person too many in my opinion. So how are we stopping this cycle?

Invest now, break the cycle

With so much mixed media attention on the i/Z/Next generation instead of jumping on the bandwagon and writing them off before they've even started, now is the time to act and mould these technologically savvy, inquisitive, great minds into our business leaders of the future. As well as job skills we should be training them in the crucial emotional intelligence skills that none of us are taught at school but will serve them throughout their careers.

By including training around resilience - learning how to work effectively with difficult people, gaining and maintaining confidence - to give them the tools to deal with scenarios before they manifest, communication - to get the best out of themselves and their peers, then we're setting them up to not only be great at their jobs, but great with people and great with themselves.

Let's not leave them to learn bad habits, let's teach them how to truly Blossom.

Blossom Training works with businesses supporting in people development

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