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Bring light into your life

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Breaking away from your workload and getting more light in your life re-energises your mind and lifts your spirit.

Unfortunately my bike isn't as cool as this one..

Working from home for me means sitting for far too long staring at a screen, so I make sure I take time out during the day and go out on my bike.

I love cycling and find that it clears my mind of negativity and helps me focus on positive goals. I might point out that I do have a couple of steep hills on my regular route so this is metaphorical as well as physical. However, even though I approach the hills with trepidation I manage to get to the top every time, slightly winded but in one piece! Then freewheeling down the other side is always invigorating.

“Keep pushing yourself to reach your goals, no matter how daunting they are, with support and motivation you can reach them.”

Take time out of your day to go for a walk, run round the block or simply stand outside and smell the flowers or fresh grass after the rain.

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