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For some people it comes naturally, some build it through learning and experience, some 'think' they don't have any, and some lose it through bad experiences.

What is it? Confidence.

Confidence is an emotional mind set, and the good news is if we don't think we have it we can retrain our brains to help us get it.

You may automatically say that you're not confident, but think about how you feel and come across when you're talking about your business, or your product. I'm sure you're passionate, fluent, motivated and inspiring and take people on the journey with you, to the point that they buy from you.

This is because you're the expert in that area, you've created it, made it, written it, lived and breathed it. You're confident about it.

Having a positive mindset and outlook, what you say and how you say it invites trust and inspires others. If you've ever seen a Ted Talk or a great presentation, it's the confidence in the speaker that takes you on that journey. The key thing that confident people have is self belief, they know their subject matter so it makes it compelling and interesting.

So when does this confidence slip?

When we start to second guess our choices, doubting our ability, thinking we're not good enough and letting negativity creep in are all sure fire ways of letting it slip away. Comparison with others also creates negativity, it's good to keep aware of what others are doing, but use it to light your fire, not dampen it.

It could also be because someone has else has triggered those feelings in you. A bad boss who doesn't manage can have the most detrimental effect on your mindset.

There are lots of different types of confidence issues in work and home life, you may be great in some areas but need more work in others, too many to write on instagram.

So a key tip to keep front of mind if you are going to face a challenging situation is make sure you're prepared, do your research, know your market, know your product, know your audience. Make sure you look after your mental health, eat well, breathe deeply, rehearse, write down what you're great at and get constructive feedback from people you care about.

If you would like more support for you or your teams Blossom Training has devised a competency module that can identify areas of low confidence and support you in building your skills to help you build self esteem.

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