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My personal journey to becoming a coach

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I've been lucky enough to work for great companies with great bosses that have given me opportunities to grow and develop. I am also lucky enough to have a voice and the confidence to seek out those opportunities when they haven't always been there, recognising a need for a position that would benefit myself and the company. My career has seen two long term roles of 12 and 15 years within two companies, each developing new skills across marketing and management that kept me motivated, engaged and most importantly - loyal.

That's why, as a manager, it was always my top priority to ensure my teams knew they were supported through progression planning, to keep thier motivation high, whilst also monitoring emotional intelligence, ensuring individuals were managing stress levels and were being treated with respect and understanding from wider teams and our client base.

Emotional intelligence or soft skills isn't something that is taught alongside your education, most people are equipped to deal with stressful situations in normal life, however, when that situation is a mixture of deadline delivery, budget constraints and streamlined teams and now returning to work, the stressful situation alongside high pressure is taken up a few notches and can have detrimental effects on mental health, wellbeing, motivation and company reputation.

This understanding through my years working in retail environments led me to start my own business, supporting client facing companies with their workforce development.

Now, more than ever, this role is even more important, if you need support coaching individuals through these anxious times of returning to work, or working from home, helping them regain or retain focus and motivation, building confidence and resilience then please give me a call.

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