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Self Belief

Do you believe in yourself and your ability?

Have you been in the same role, at the same level for too long, you know you're capable of a more senior role but you're stuck because you're not being noticed and you don't know how to put yourself forward?

Do you sit in meetings but don't know how to contribute, you want to say something but you're worried you'll say the wrong thing. Do you spot ideal roles but then doubt yourself that it may be to senior for you? Do you shout about your achievements or just keep quiet and hope that someone will notice? Have you got a clear goal mapped out?

Believing in yourself and your ability is a powerful tool, it gives you confidence, it gives you a voice and it gives you a cloak of amour that drives you to put yourself out there and take on more responsibility because you believe you can achieve it. Having self belief helps you to reach your full potential because you don't doubt that you will.

However, building self belief isn't going to happen overnight, it takes patience. It means challenging yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, changing the way you think, the way you act, cutting out negative thoughts and acquaintances. It means setting goals, focusing and taking care of yourself.

Ready for the challenge?

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