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Time for a change

Is being in the same job for too long making you complacent?

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Head for the clouds

When you've been in the same job, doing the same thing for a long time it can become comfortable, reliable, predictable and so can you! It can also mean that you don't want to break out of that comfort zone because you are scared of what change can mean, you lose your confidence and your self worth thinking that you won't be good enough. But you could be missing out on great opportunities to broaden your experience, take a change in direction or to further your career.

“What's the worse that can happen, you get a more interesting, satisfying, enriched life?”

If there are opportunities for you to move forward, either in to your dream job or a stepping stone towards it in your current company speak to your line manager about how to apply, what areas or skills you need to develop and what support is available in the role to help you to develop.

If that job is in another company but you think it's out of your skill set, think again you may be surprised at what you are capable of!

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