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What's your route to finding happiness?

Life is about enjoying the simple things so when we're faced with challenges we can apply context.

A bay in Turkey

Life can be stressful and hectic both professionally and personally, therefore it's really important to take time out and appreciate the simple things in life.

“Put time in your diary for a break and stick to it.”

We're all guilty of being attached to our phones, checking them every few minutes to see if that important email, call, text has come through, or checking social media to see what everyone else is doing. If that genuinely makes you happy then great. However, if you feel like your bombarded with information and haven't sorted out one problem before another one arises, then you need to take time out and apply some logical thinking to help you tackle these challenges.

Sometimes that's easier said than done, but think how much more productive you could be by just taking a 15 minute break to recharge.

Why not think about what you're doing? What's happening around us, under our noses, above our heads, sounds, smells, colours, architecture.

Take time out, give yourself a break and find what makes you happy, or if you already know it, just do it.

A recent trip to Turkey - pictured above - will provide happy memories of swimming in clear waters in October with no other tourists around. In the height of Summer there are usually 20 boats in that little cove! That makes me happy.

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