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What are your career goals?

You're the master of your own destiny, don't expect it to be handed to you on a plate.

It's just the start of an exciting journey

You've decided you want to get your career in motion, so how do you make that happen?

Goals and measures

“Great companies should want to invest in their employees. What's your companies training programme, have they got one?”

Investment can be financial, time or support, great investment is all three. Do you have regular appraisals, one to one's, do you have clear objectives and goals? If you have all of the above, great, but is it thorough enough to make you feel invested?

Measuring your goals

Goals are designed to stretch you but also need to be achievable. If you're being set goals by your manager then these will be in line with the overall business objectives, which could mean more revenue, more market share, more new clients. Your objectives are the part that you will play in helping them to achieve them, so what are you getting out of it.

Make sure you understand your goals and the expectations, how does this feed into the bigger picture, and what does it mean for you.

Objectives are all about making you the best you, which then reflects onto your business, but is also paramount for your career development. Objectives should be SMART S: Specific, Significant, Stretching, M: Measureable, Meaningful, Motivational, A: Agreed, Achievable, Actionable, R: Realistic; Reasonable; Rewarding; T: Timely, Trackable, Tangible. All clear performance indicators that help you and your manager measure your success or support you where relevant. Ensure you have regular meetings in place to sense check that you are meeting expectations, you should never get to your next appraisal and find out you're way off target.

Outcomes and expectations

“Do meeting objectives guarantee a promotion?”

It's crucial that businesses push their employees to be the best they can be, but does this mean that when you hit all your objectives you should get promoted?

There are lots of variables to this question, what does promotion mean to you and your business? What does your business structure look like, and is there room to grow? If you are a rising star but there isn't a role for you to move into right now, what commitment do you have from your company about future plans with the company to keep you motivated to continue performing at your achieved level.

Employers, with an increasing 'on demand' culture how are you investing, motivating and engaging your teams?

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