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A career in client services isn't for everyone, for a start you need to have many skills -  a multi-linguist; translating client briefs across complex multi disciplined teams, a numbers whizz; working magic with budgets, and hours in a day,  a great negotiator; managing expectations, a protector; owning a problem when it's not gone quite according to plan, I could go on.


When a project goes to plan it's great, happy client equals happy team. However, there are the inevitable times when things can go wrong and that's when your emotional intelligence skills really come into play.  But if soft skills don't come naturally to you or you haven't had the relevant training this can lead to low morale, fractured team dynamics, lack of confidence and ultimately high staff turnover.


But this doesn't have to be the case and this is why I started Blossom Training.  


My passion is mentoring and coaching people, working with businesses to support their teams in their development requirements, creating bespoke training in line with your business objectives and values.  Spending time getting to know your company and your clients and your teams to build relationships and truly understand the challenges and opportunities that we can work through together.

My brand depicts the Japanese Cherry Blossom, or Sakura, which is a symbolic flower in Japan meaning renew, and rebirth.  Due to its short life span it reminds us that life is short and beautiful and to grab every opportunity we can.